What Happened to Steven’s Girlfriend After He Crawled Back Down The Lattice?

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Photo by Djim Loic on Unsplash

You’ve seen it. It’s one of the most popular TV spots on the air right now. For Xfinity, it features the sweetfaced young Steven, parked outside his teenage girlfriend’s house. He’s waiting for her parents to go to bed before sneaking around back, bribing the dog with food, hopping the fence, tiptoeing alongside the pool and then up the lattice to her opened bedroom window. Only to get busted by her father.

“You must be Steven’s phone.”

It’s funny. Steven seems confused about what to do for a moment until he realizes that his best bet is to go back out the way he came — or tried to come — in. Down the lattice. The girlfriend is sitting on her bed like a statue. She doesn’t move, doesn’t blink, we’re not sure if she’s even breathing. It’s a hoot.

My background in advertising has been mostly print. But TV ads have always been fascinating for me too, and one of the mind games I play with myself, when inspired by certain TV spots, is envisioning the scene in real life. And taking it beyond the director yelling, “Cut!” What happens, I wonder, after the camera stops rolling?

In the Xfinity ad, I puzzle over what his young girlfriend’s father did after Steven left?

Of course my first thought is what would MY father have done? And the idea of trying to sneak a boy into my bedroom and getting caught by my mother, not to mention my father, is way too horrifying to wrap my head around. I don’t even want to think about it. The concept is beyond my imagination.

In Steven’s case, I hope that his girlfriend comes to school the next day alive and well. But what if she doesn’t? What if her chair is empty in English class? What if she never shows up at their table during lunch? And when he phones her, the call goes straight to voicemail? What should young Steven do??

Should he alert the school administration? Should they call the police to do a wellness check on her? He’ll have to spill what happened the night before when he climbed the lattice. What will his parents say, learning that he sneaks out of the house after everyone is asleep? Steven looks like an athlete. Baseball maybe? What will his coach think about him blowing curfew to sneak into some little girl’s bedroom window?

I see TV spots like this with wide-opened endings and I like filling in the blanks. This one took an ugly turn in my head, thinking about my own father, but you saw girlfriend’s dad. He didn’t look like the “she has disrespected my house and I’ve got to kill her” type. But she might be on lockdown until college. At least.

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